What you can do?

Citizens and residents: Know what is happening around you. Understand your rights and responsibilities. Stop being just a democrat, republican or independent and not paying attention. Be an American and involve in matters which affect you and others.

Politicians: Your primary duty is to serve citizens, not your interests. If you are in power, use it understanding your civic duty. That involves cooperation between parties -bipartisanship since parties are supposed to help each and every American. Do not destroy, but build America.

Non-profits: You serve people for a cause. Stand up for that cause, by providing accurate and historical information about the law and policy which guides you, and the role of politics to shape that.


Volunteers:  You make everything happen.

Right now, we are looking for volunteers who can

  • do policy research and collect data.
  • create videos
  • help in website design
  • Write articles


If you are interested to help, please write to daisy(dot)spilker(at)gmail(dot)com or connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisyspilker